Monday, October 3, 2011

The Benefits of Tea

Revered for centuries, tea is the ultimate elixir. It was so prized in ancient China that the preparation and drinking of it became a symbolic ritual for contemplating the meaning of life.

Its tiny leaves have predicted the future, built empires, and been the catalyst for revolutions. It can pick you up or calm you down. Used to soothe upset stomachs and help recover from a cold or flu, secret blends are credited with curing everything from depression to diabetes. The value of antioxidants in green and black tea for reducing cancer risk, fighting free radicals and lowering cholesterol has long been recognized by medical science.

A number of published studies demonstrate weight loss effects in response to ingesting green tea or specific tea extracts. Key components responsible for green tea's weight loss benefits are the polyphenol compounds that increase metabolic energy expenditure and therefore, calorie consumption.

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