Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starting Your Age Intervention Program

At Southwest Age Intervention Institute, your customized program begins with extensive blood work. Our phlebotomist comes to you at work or home, and we work around your schedule. This blood work is the blueprint of your body at your age. We evaluate all major organ systems, hormonal levels, markers of inflammation, and risk factors for disease to determine how you are aging.

You complete detailed history forms so that we may understand your lifestyle, eating habits, past medical history, family health history, activity levels, and age intervention goals. The interpretation of the lab work is important. Where you are in the “normal” range clearly makes a difference. Your goal is to be at the lowest risk for disease and at peak physical, cognitive, and sexual function.

Your Executive Health Evaluation is scheduled at our facility in Arlington, Texas approximately 4 weeks after your blood draw. The day of your evaluation spans 7 hours and includes:

  • Ultrasound of the carotid arteries
  • Bone density testing
  • Body composition scan – determines the distribution of fat and lean in the body
  • Fitness Evaluation – to determine proper training zones to burn fat with shorter workouts
  • Mental acuity and cognitive function testing – to evaluate risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Lunch – nutritional video
  • Meet with our Nutritional Counselor – to teach the principles that allow you to eat healthy for life
  • Consultation with Dr. Rosenstein – 2 hours. (He reviews your blood work and test results and performs a physical exam. He designs a personalized treatment plan to correct and optimize hormone imbalances.)

Our Age Intervention Program is a multifaceted approach to age-related change. We address your immediate goals, e.g., weight loss, lean muscle gain, improved energy, mental acuity, and sexual function. In the long term, our most important goal is to help you maintain optimum physical, cognitive, and sexual function while keeping you at the lowest risk for disease – everything from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia – so you can enjoy a good quality of life and not experience decline as typically we would see. By correcting the underlying hormonal and metabolic imbalances, we help you reverse the age-related changes you have experienced.

Days 1 through 30 – You can expect an improved feeling of wellbeing with sharper mental acuity, increased energy, motivation and drive in both your personal and professional life. You will experience renewed confidence and competitiveness. Men typically experience greater sex drive and a spontaneous return of early morning erections with improvement in mild depression associated with declining hormones. Women will begin to see a reduction in menopausal symptoms including decreased hot flashes and night sweats with improved mental outlook.

Days 31 through 90 – You will experience increased physical strength and endurance with reduced recovery time. Weight loss occurs and lean muscle mass gain transforms your body composition. You experience an improvement in cardiovascular conditioning with increased workout and physical activity abilities. Men and women will continue to experience changes in mood and energy while libido and sexual performance continue to improve.

Days 91 through 180 – You will continue to experience measurable and significant body composition changes. Decreased abdominal fat and increased lean muscle mass are seen. For those with osteopenia (loss of bone density), stabilization of bone mass occurs. The risk for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive dysfunction decreases while improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels are experienced.

Beyond Day 180 – Transformation is possible. Dr. Rosenstein became an age management patient in April 2008. He had remarkable results. Prior to the program, he was on a low-fat diet and exercised daily. Despite this he developed muscle wasting and fat accumulation around his abdomen. While his total body fat was only 21%, his body composition was poor. His abdomen had 26% fat. This type of fat distribution is associated with chronic diseases including insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. In the Age Intervention Program, the fat around his abdomen decreased from 26% to 7%. His total body fat went from 21% to 8%. He lost 14 pounds of fat and gained 17 pounds of muscle. He achieved these remarkable results in only 6 months (180 days).

Monitoring Your Progress
Following your Executive Health Evaluation, monitoring your ongoing progress is a critical part of the Southwest Age Intervention Institute Program. Follow-up blood work and a body composition scan ensure that your program is working as intended. Periodic adjustments or refinements to your program will be made by Dr. Rosenstein as needed.

Your next blood work is performed two months after you start the program. Your blood work is compared to prior results and your progress evaluated. Dr. Rosenstein consults with you once more to determine how the program is working for you and as to what changes should be made. It is vital that hormone levels are maintained at proper levels. From this point forward, dependent on need, blood work is performed every 4-6 months.

At Southwest Age Intervention Institute, our patients are encouraged to interact with both Dr. Rosenstein and staff. We monitor the changes in their program to ensure safety and efficacy. Each patient’s age intervention protocol includes proper diagnostics combined with a precise age intervention treatment plan.

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  1. I'm sure this is not covered by health insurance...so how many $$$ thousands does this cost? Is there a payment plan? What's the initial fee? Would love to enter this plan, especially because I know Dr. Rosenstein, he was my doctor when I injured my Sacroiliac.