Friday, June 10, 2011

Four weeks in and wow!

June 7, was the four week anniversary starting the Southwest Age Intervention Institute's custom designed program and to steal the quote from McDonald's, "I'm lovin' it". I haven't felt this good in years. In fact, there's real proof of what's happening to me. I went to my regular doctor, Dr. Phil Aronoff, for an EKG. He took my blood pressure measurements. In just under three weeks, my readings had gone from 148 over 81 to 130 over 70! Remarkable! People are beginning to notice and have asked what I'm doing to lose weight. They've commented on my thinner-looking face. On Monday, I went back to Foundry Big and Tall Supply and exchanged a pair of cargo shorts for a smaller size, the waist was simply too big. I wore them to the Rangers game last night and realized that in a another few weeks they might be too large also.

But this ISN'T about weight loss. It's about feeling better and having more energy. My life is better and it's only been four weeks. The Southwest Age Intervention Institute program, the one they designed for me and the one they'll design for you, really, really works! I can't wait (weight?) to see what the next few weeks bring because the last four have been terrific!

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