Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can you believe Norm loves his new diet?

It's been more than a month since I've been on my custom program from Southwest Age Intervention Institute. I feel fantastic! I've been terrific at adjusting to my new life style eating program. In fact, I've done so well, I've actually made a major decision about my future eating habits. My nutritionist, Judiann Van Beest, taught me how the body actually uses food as a fuel. Her step-by-step information was a revelation for me. The first 28 days, termed the "induction phase," called for me to focus on eating only specific foods. Good foods. Tasty foods. Satisfying foods. It's not some weirdo diet plan, but the idea was to change the way my body got nutrition and to eliminate those foods that actually were counter-productive. That first 28 days went SO WELL that I'm, for the most part, going to continue eating that array of foods. After 28 days, the program allows me to re-introduce certain foods (some potatoes, corn and certain fruits), but I'm so happy with the results and how I'm feeling I've decided to continue with the foods in the induction phase indefinitely.

Now, a criticism of myself, I've got to be more faithful to my workout program. My incredibly busy schedule simply does not allow me enough time to do the specially designed workout plan every day. Now that the Mavs have won the NBA title, that has got to change. If it doesn't change, my exercise therapist Vanessa's not gonna be very happy with me.

But for now, I'm happy!!!!!!!

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