Friday, May 20, 2011

And so it begins...

Last Tuesday I learned more about my body, my bad habits and my personal medical situation than in any previous day in my 66 years on earth. Weeks ago I'd given my blood and for the following 2-3 weeks Southwest Age Intervention Institute was determining exactly what kind of shape I was in. And not just physical shape, but total shape. I arrived in their Arlington offices at about 12:45 and didn't leave until well after 7p.m. Does that sound like a long day? It was! But what an incredibly informative, insightful afternoon learning how I could defy aging.

The afternoon began with mental agility tests (that's not what they called them, but they tested whether or not doing sports talk for 36 years had significantly rotted my brain. Thankfully it had not!) Such tests also gauged my manu
al dexterity.

Then it was back to the meeting room for a terrific lunch of scallops and snow peas while watching a video explaining the basis of their nutrition program. I'm 66 and I learned basic info I wish I'd had known 40 years ago---except that it didn't exist then.

Next came a 75 minute meeting with nutritionist Judy Van Beest. Her husband, Johann, has basically walked me through this program as kind of overall program guide. Judy, who looks to be about 45 years old, took me through WHY the nutrition program worked, how it was designed and that my personal eating habits had created situations that could be problematic in the near future if I didn't address them.

Honestly, I'd never been shown exactly how the body worked, the glycemic index of foods, how certain foods triggered the release of insulin in the body and that continuously elevated insulin levels work against a body. About 45 minutes deep in this session I wrote myself a note----"This WILL work!" Imagine how stunned I was sometime later that afternoon to find Judy was actually 60 years old! She absolutely does not look it----but then she's in this age defying program.

Next, I went down the
hall to work with physical and exercise therapist, Vanessa. We did all kinds of exercises, meas
urements, body scans and took pictures that I can assure you are not that flattering, but the Institute wants baseline information to measure your progress.

Then came the final and most vital part of the afternoon---meeting with Dr. Jacob Rosenstein, who'll oversee my progress in all areas. We began with a physical to check basics. (Yes, there was a prostate exam!) Then came the most eye-opening hour. The Institute has a virtual dossier on me. The blood work measured everything, good and bad. I'm happy to report some good areas. My cholesterol is good, but there's work to do in terms of "good and bad" cholesterol. I'm deficient in vitamin D and my insulin's way too high. If, in my current condition, I'm to rebuild lean muscle mass I'll need testosterone injunctions (Insert Gordo joke here!) The session went and on and learned more and more. The scans revealed where my extra fatty tissue is concentrated and that I have some significant build-up of plaque in my carotid artery. There's also a touch of arthritis in my back.

It was incredible! The information just kept coming then I learned exactly what MY program would consist of. I got a huge three-ring binder with all of SAII's research and my particular health plan. We reviewed old eating habits, surgeries, family medical history, supplements I'd been taking and medications I had to take. Whew!

After that meeting Dr.Johann van Beest walked me to the pharmacy---their pharmacy! All, and I do mean ALL, the supplements and hormones necessary to correct imbalances were waiting for me. Each month I'll be shipped another month's supply. And, just in case you're wondering, no---this is not special treatment. This is the way any man or woman wanting to defy the aging process gets treated at Southwest Age Intervention Institute.

I'm truly psyched. This program does what it advertises and it will do it for me. Next week comes another meeting with Vanessa, who'll outline my exercise program. I'm gonna have to give up some old, very detrimental eating habits, workout more and understand that my body needs care if it's gonna work for me for many more years.

I'll be keeping you posted. But if what I've written intrigues you why not make the call.

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