Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time for new pants

I'm nearing the three-month point of my program designed specifically for me at the Southwest Age Intervention Institute. I've still got nearly nine months left in the program, but I can’t express in words how much better my life has already become. I'm sleeping SO much better. Gone are the afternoons filled with naps, because I have a lot more energy.

Now a drum roll please---I'm going pants shopping this weekend! My weight has dropped to the point where even my former "tight stuff" is too loose. I started this comprehensive program of diet, supplements and exercise with a waist measurement of (GULP!) 48! I'm now a REAL 44! I need new pants to accommodate my new energy. Hopefully a few months from now these pants will need to be taken in too. In fact, the way my lifestyle has changed, I feel certain my pants will be altered down the road. But, for right now, I need new, smaller pants. Thank you Southwest Age Intervention Institute!

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